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Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you had eye agenesis you couldn’t even read this sentence. Agenesis refers to the failure of an organ to develop on an embryonic level. For those who don’t suffer from wisdom teeth agenesis, you might want to skip the following sentences that detail the extraction, the recovery, and the pain associated with the wisdom teeth removal process.

Actually, it’s really not so bad. Once your local downtown LA dentist admits local anesthesia, having your wisdom teeth removed is a great way to find your Zen. And since you may skip eating and drinking the night before in preparation for surgery, it’s a great way to diet too! But before we get to the procedure, let’s understand what wisdom teeth are and what gives them their wisdom.

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd molars that develop so much later than our other teeth, so we’re usually “wiser” by the time they appear.  Most wisdom teeth usually appear between ages 15 through 25 so don’t inflate any teens’ ego by calling them wise. Early human ancestors had more teeth to chew on plants, until our diets changed along with the shape of our skulls. Today, wisdom teeth are vestigial, meaning they lost all purpose when humans evolved from our larger-jawed ancestors. Most humans develop molars in modern times, though indigenous Mexicans experience nearly 100% wisdom teeth agenesis. Save that fact for Alex Trebek.

If your wisdom teeth cause you pain, it’s time to make them extinct. Often wisdom teeth grow in sideways, causing crowding against your other teeth. If you don’t even see your wisdom teeth, they may not be erupted, meaning they’re still growing under the gum line. Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that don’t fully grow out of the gums. As you can see, there are several scenarios. Ask your local downtown Los Angeles dentist to take an x-ray of your jaw and determine if removing wisdom teeth is necessary.

When it’s the big day, or for your wisdom teeth, their last, the dentist will give you local anesthesia. You’ll feel the same absence of pain when you get a dental filling. Once the minor surgery ends, you’ll notice the inside of your mouth resembles a bloody mummy. The dentist just put gauze in the wisdom teeth wounds so the blood can clot and the healing process can begin.

  • Despite the name, having your wisdom teeth won’t help you win Jeopardy.
  • Though you can pretend you’re playing the game show with the following scenario.
  • Contestant: “Category: Downtown Los Angeles Dentist!”
  • Alex Trebek:  “Answer: They are experts in removing wisdom teeth….”
  • Contestant: “What is LA Smiles?!”
  • Alex Trebek: “You win!”