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White Fillings

If you had to choose between gold or diamond in your teeth, which would you feature as your go-to mineral? Well you’re not a rap star, so it’s irrelevant. Instead, the most commonly-used fillings your dentist will recommend include porcelain, amalgam, and quartz. Your local downtown Los Angeles dentist can help you decide which fillings will make you smile the widest… and the whitest. Amalgam fillings are sturdy and silver, but their unnatural color makes them far more noticeable than porcelain and quartz fillings, which resemble the same whiteness as natural teeth.

Composite resin fillings (or just plain “composite fillings”) are the most common white fillings composed of resins mixed with glass or quartz to mimic whiteness and to cover small to medium cavities. Composite fillings are also predominantly used for dental bonding, underlining the material’s durability. Patients who receive composite resin fillings can congratulate themselves and their improved teeth with a celebratory lunch immediately, since the fillings will harden by the time they leave the dentist’s office. Patients wearing amalgam fillings require more patience since the amalgam materials take longer to set. Better not go to the dentist on an empty stomach!

Composite fillings aren’t perfect though. Since they need the same treatment as natural teeth, i.e. regular brushing, flossing, visiting your downtown Los Angeles dentist, you’ll also need to be careful not to stain them with coffee, tea, and smoking. And don’t think you can just bleach them; this procedure is ineffective on composite fillings. Since composite fillings also are the most natural-looking, your insurance provider may not pay for them on your back molars. Their justification: no one will see them, so why not get the cheaper silver fillings?

Fillings last for years, so it’s an important decision you’ll be wearing in your mouth for some time. Consult your local downtown Los Angeles dentist and dental insurer for the best, most affordable plan to keep you smiling!