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Teeth Whitening

If you’re on a budget, scouring Youtube for teeth whitening solutions is a descent strategy. There are a variety of videos that show teenagers rubbing banana peels on their mouths, home-schooled chemists concocting baking soda and lemon juice mouthwashes to deteriorate stains, or slews of consumers reviewing a dozen different brand-name white strips. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by every teeth whitening product or regimen. However, online strangers shouldn’t decide which whitening option is best for you. Depending on how patient you are, your local downtown Los Angeles dentist can outline the various roads to whiteness.

1-Hour Laser Whitening (Our most recomended):
A relatively new technology approved by the Federal Drug Administration in 1996, laser whitening treatment is the most effective, albeit costly, measure to restore your teeth’s whiteness by 6-10 shades in just a few hours. To begin, the dentist protects your mouth parts that shouldn’t be whitened by applying beeswax. Next, chemicals that react to laser light are rubbed on your teeth. When the argon laser activates, so do the chemicals on your teeth, leaving you with instant results.

Whitening Toothpastes:
Toothpastes like Rembrant and  Simply White contain baking soda and mild abrasive chemicals to provide long-term, gradual teeth whitening restoration for consumers. These should be considered for anyone with mild stains.

Teeth whitening strips:
Like Crest Whitestrips, these are wafer-thin adhesive strips that fit on your teeth for a half hour, actively cleaning stains with hydrogen peroxide. The results can last weeks, but strips come with a warning: they may sting! And be careful when tracking how long whitening strips stay in your mouth. The active ingredients can erode tooth enamel, a mineral layer of protection from tooth decay. 

Over-the-counter whitening kits:
If you have the time to add a daily regimen to your schedule, then OTC whitening strip kits may be for you! These are obviously not as powerful as professional whitening solutions, but relatively more convenient.  Depending on the kit, the user may either wear a mouthguard-like device filled with whitening gel, which is worn overnight, or apply a whitening gel for a half hour, sometimes twice a day, and brush it off. These kits are for moderate stains.

Concerning most whitening solutions, it’s frowned upon if you immediately drink coffee after treatment. So stay rested. And don’t forget to smile! You earned it! Contact LA Smile, your local downtown Los Angeles dental professional, and ask which teeth whitening option will make your smile the brightest on your budget!