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Root Canals

Root canals are revered as the most intimidating-sounding operation that keeps most patients from embracing the dentist. They’re also more popular than Congress, according to Public Policy Polling. When asked, 32% of Americans had a higher opinion of Congress, compared to root canals, which 56% of Americans felt more favorable toward. Still, 12% were unsure, which means they may not even know what root canals are. Not surprisingly, the term root canal is often used as a colloquial term for the actual dental operation, endodontic therapy.

The root canal is actually a hollow chamber composed of living tissue and blood vessels connected to nerves. Those nerves connect to your brain and send pain signals if there are tooth problems. Plausibly, root canals’ literal and figurative connection to nerves lead many to mistaken them for the painful surgery involving them.

Endodontic therapy takes place when your tooth becomes infected. Cavities lead to bacterial infections, which eat away the connective tissue inside the root canal, killing the tooth. Fortunately, your local downtown Los Angeles dentist can save your tooth by performing a relatively painless operation. It’ll still be dead, however. But at least the tooth will physically remain in your mouth!

All you may feel is the needle prick when local anesthetics are administered.  The dentist simply opens up the root canal chamber, cleans the innards, removing bacteria, blood vessels, and nerves with a thin drill, and fills the tooth with natural polymers. If you don’t know about natural polymers, three things to love about them are: malleability, inertness, and biocompatibility; a triple threat for all compounds that wish they could be in your mouth. So while you may initially worry about root canals (endodontic therapy), remember when all’s said and drilled you’ll have an improved tooth to smile over!

To avoid root canals, like most tooth problems one should brush and floss daily, and visit your local downtown Los Angeles dentist at least twice a year. If you’ve endured endodontic treatment in the past, your dentist already filled your tooth to prevent further decay, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from future infections! Keep all your teeth clean. While understanding the difference between root canals and endodontic therapy , it’s best knowing those facts from reading than by experiencing a root canal problem in real life.

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