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If you spent close to three years writing a book, you’d probably password protect your computer to prevent someone from stealing your story. A stolen story means all the money and time spent on writing goes to waste and you have to start from scratch. Patients who wear retainers prevent teeth from shifting around, ruining all their hard money and time spent wearing braces.

Post braces your downtown Los Angeles dentist will give you a retainer, an orthopedic device made of a plastic or rubber base that rests against the roof of your mouth and a metal wire which wraps around your teeth, preserving their position. Your teeth spent 3-4 years straightening in your mouth to perfect your smile. The least you can do is keep them in place by wearing a retainer. Since your teeth shifted around during the braces phase, they need to settle in your gums and secure themselves to your jawbone. Retainers will keep the teeth from shifting as they settle in. Consider them a babysitter for your teeth, but they can come in crazy designs, colors – I’ve even seen Hello Kitty retainers! So they’re much cooler than most babysitters in downtown Los Angeles.

Retainers come in two types: temporary and permanent.  Hawley are the most-frequently requested braces, since they’re most common and least expensive. Hawley Retainers are identical to the aforementioned description: a rubber or plastic base with a metal wire which wraps around your teeth. Essix Retainers are clear plastic and less durable than Hawley; essix resemble the Invisalign of retainers. Last is Retainers, Bonded Retainers. Permanent or “Bonded Retainers” are cemented to the back of your teeth.

Like your teeth, retainers can collect plaque, so brushing Hawley retainers gently is required. Essix retainers must be washed even more gently, using a special retainer wash, and not under hot water or else the plastic will warp. Ask your local downtown Los Angeles dentist which retainer should preserve that smile of your best!