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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain is a malleable material highly resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack. This makes it a perfect candidate for going where everything from toothpaste to mouthwash to Frank’s hot sauce ends up: your mouth. Porcelain is ideal for dental crown recipients because it resembles the color of natural teeth and is aesthetically pleasing compared to metal or resin (plastic) crowns.

 The purpose of a dental crown is to cover tooth discoloration or cracked or broken teeth. While cracked teeth may be susceptible to decay, fitting a crown over the broken tooth won’t guarantee protection for bacterial infection. You must treat your dental crowns as you would your natural teeth.

It’s sometimes easier to bite open a plastic-sealed birthday present than reach for scissors, but if you want your dental crown to last several birthdays, avoid this unnatural chomping task. Likewise, chewing ice and grinding your teeth can shorten your crown’s lifespan or cause them to pop out altogether.

Ask your local downtown Los Angeles dentist to show a computer image of your teeth with various crowns. You decide which one looks and fits you the best. There are variables such as longevity and cost that should affect your decision before fitting crowns on your teeth. Typically porcelain is more natural-looking, but metallic and resin crowns last longer on average. Porcelain crowns also tend to crack more than metal crowns, but if either type of crown falls out, call your dentist immediately.

It’s worth maintaining the smile nature gave you. If you have to cover your teeth with dental crowns, you’re not alone. The key is to pick out the crowns that make you stand out, enhance your natural beauty, and keep your mouth healthy. Your local downtown Los Angeles dentist can ease the decision-making process today and give you the smile you’ve been waiting for!