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Gray Fillings

Even if you’ve never picked up a comic book in your life, you’ve probably seen the characters Batman and X-Men’s Wolverine. Both starred in multi-billion dollar movie after all. They come from 2 different backgrounds: Batman is a DC character, Wolverine is Marvel’s. Though in the 1990s, they were fused together as part of a DC/Marvel Amalgam series. If this fact brings you happiness, continue feeling good as I introduce the topic of dentistry.

As we focus on everything amalgam, your downtown Los Angeles dentists have their own way to combine two things into one for the good of mankind. Amalgam fillings or “gray fillings” appear to be silver deposits in one’s teeth. They’re used to fill in cracks in broken teeth or cavities brought on by Batman fruit roll ups. Plugging up the nooks and crannies in your teeth prevent evil bacterial infection from taking over your mouth.

Amalgam fillings are combinations of silver, copper, tin, liquid mercury, and/or gold to create a malleable, durable surface to last decades in your mouth. They are more noticeable than their aesthetically-pleasing white counterparts, white fillings, and require a piece of your tooth be removed to make room for them. When Batman and Wolverine were created decades ago, amalgam fillings were the only option to fill your teeth. Today, patients can opt to have porcelain “white” fillings instead and preserve as much as their tooth as possible.

Whatever filling you choose serves the same purpose: they protect your teeth from decay and make it easier to chew. Your downtown Los Angeles dentist can weigh in the pros versus cons of each filling to make it easier to swallow – the information that is. Tooth fillings can last decades, so if it’s ceramic, porcelain, or gold you’re bound to get your money’s worth.