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General Dentistry

If you hear General Dentistry, don’t expect a military man with teeth for epaulets. If your dentist resembles that description, run! Practitioners of general dentistry most likely don’t have General in front of their name. Instead, they have DDS at the end. Any dentist with DDS or Doctor of Dental Surgery in his or her name means he or she has completed dental school. Another acronym, the ADA or American Dental Association, also recognizes DMD or Doctor of Dental Medicine. And yes, I triple checked that it’s not “Doctor of Medicine, Dental” to match the abbreviation “DMD”.  For any patient reading the dentist’s office wall of certification to see DMD or DDS in his or her name, understand the degree is the same and your dentist can continue making your teeth beautiful.

General dentistry offers the most modern, painless technology your dentist can offer. If there’s a way to perform the same procedure with a laser instead of a metal tool, your dentist knows about it.  Dentists regularly perform the following procedures: removing cavities and decay, give x-rays to view teeth roots and jawbones, screen for oral cancers, and repair teeth in numerous fashions. Literally, your teeth can become fashionable when your dentist gives your teeth gold or porcelain fillings.

But general dentistry is just the overall tree of teeth guardianship. There are multiple branches and specialists who do even more for your mouth. Orthodontists give braces, pediatric dentists partner with the tooth fairy to make teeth maintenance fun, endodontists give root canals, periodontists preserve your gums, and oral surgeons give you laughing gas so everyone has a good time around them.

While there are so many variations of dental specialists, great dentists aren’t as plentiful or easy to name. If there really were General Dentists, the experts at LA Smile Dental would each get 5-Stars.