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Dental Implants

Remember in Star Wars when Darth Vader chopped off Luke’s hand? Well for those who don’t, Luke later fused a prosthetic to his bone and it served him well in future light saber battles. When Star Wars premiered in downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood movie theatres, the process of fusing inorganic metal with human tissue seemed light years away. Unbeknownst to the audience, it had been happening on Earth a long time ago in a civilization not too far away…

Mayans are the earliest known dental implant users, fusing seashells to human jaw bones. This procedure is considered cosmetic nowadays and so your insurance plan most likely won’t cover it. Today, to get a dental implant, your local downtown Los Angeles will give you anesthesia, since the next step is drilling a hole in your jawbone and inserting a titanium implant. Sound like you’d rather go head to head with Darth Vader? It’s actually painless with the anesthesia and when your dentist secures your gums to the implant, the first stage of the procedure is over. A few months will pass, allowing your gums to heal and osseointegration to begin.

Since dentists use porous titanium as the implant, the tiny holes in the metal invite living bone tissue to fuse with the implant, causing osseointegration. When you visit the dentist for stage two, a metal post is secured to your titanium implant. When the gums finally heal, stage three involves the dentist securing a dental crown on the post, completing your new tooth! Your new tooth will look and feel natural – and best of all is triple secured: to a post which sits on a titanium rod, which is osseointegrated into your bone. Still, you have to brush, floss, and visit your local downtown Los Angeles dentist to clean the plaque and stains off your implant. When cared for properly, that osseointegrated tooth implant and you will have a lasting relationship for a lifetime!