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Emergency Dentistry

So you moved to downtown Los Angeles to become a movie stunt double. Your job: get punched, kicked, socked, and pounded in the face. It’s not a stretch to the imagination to see a tooth coming loose in the process.

If you lose a tooth, call your dentist or hospital immediately. Next important step: keep the detached tooth in milk. Yes, I found this old wives’ tale has scientific merit when I Googled what no one should have to: “What to do when body parts fall off”. According to science and not old wives, it’s the neutral ph level, not the milk’s calcium that benefits a separated tooth. The window of opportunity to successfully implant your tooth is an hour. So before that milk warms, race to your local downtown Los Angeles dentist’s office. If you don’t have milk, rinse the tooth of debris and keep it between your gum and cheek. If possible, pop the tooth in your gap and bite down, holding it in place. The key is to keep the ligament dangling off the end of your tooth wet.

A broken tooth can be hard to piece together. Don’t do it yourself! Instead your mission is to gather all of the pieces – pretend you’re completing a video game side quest – and reach the end of the level, the dentist’s office. The same steps work for anything that pops out of your mouth, including dental crowns or fillings. If you lose a filling, remember your tooth’s sensitivity. Stick a piece of sugarless gum where the filling came out.

If you feel a chronic tooth ache, floss and make sure nothing’s caught between teeth. If the pain continues, rinse your mouth with warm water. If pain still occurs, contact your local downtown Los Angeles dentist.

Dental abscesses look like pimples in your mouth. They can appear on your gums, so inspect every nook and cranny in your mouth when you brush and floss. Abscesses are bacterial infections that start with cavities.  If not properly cleaned and ceased, bacteria works its way into the tooth, gnawing on the inner tissues and often killing the tooth’s root. This ultimately leads to the most dangerous-sounding dental procedure: root canals.

Dental emergencies are scary situations, especially if the 911 operator can’t understand your emergency due to your tooth being knocked out. Pain is nature’s 911 call. Take preventive measures before your teeth throb, your face reddens, or your gums swell. By brushing, flossing, and visiting your downtown Los Angeles dentist regularly, you prevent oral bacteria and plaque from festering in your mouth and causing dental problems that lead to a painful, expensive hospital trip. Instead of a trip, learn from these tips!