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Dentures are an uncomfortable concept for many. One could argue they require more care than your natural teeth. From keeping a glass of cleaning solution handy to buying Polident along with the basic necessities for all teeth: toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, you may see wearing dentures as an uphill battle. But dentures are just a change that requires some getting used to. They may be uncomfortable in the first few weeks, but after a while you and your friends won’t notice the difference. Let your local downtown Los Angeles dentist give you the complete smile you deserve!

So why should we get dentures in the first place? Well to start, only get them if you can’t afford or would rather not have permanent teeth. Dental implants are costly and may not be covered by your insurance plan, since some insurers may consider implants cosmetic dentistry. However, having teeth is important to maintain oral health, since missing teeth can misalign one’s jaw; one can argue dental implants are a covered procedure. Of course having more teeth is more expensive, so partial dentures won’t be as pricey as complete dentures. Contact your dental insurance provider before deciding on dental implants versus dentures.

Practice makes perfect and that holds true like Polygrip holds dentures in place. If you’re wearing dentures for the first time, you may have trouble pronouncing some words. Just keep at it and your speech impediment will be in the past. Whenever your dentures click however, they may not be fitted correctly, so contact your local downtown Los Angeles dentist!

Dentures are made to resemble, feel, and act like natural teeth. The technology’s been around since 700 BC, so there’s been a lot of perfection in the denture-making process. Whether you wear dentures or not, just be glad you’re not like our early ancestors, who replaced their missing teeth with animals’! Contact your downtown Los Angeles dentist to find the teeth fit for you!