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We’d all love to wear a crown made of gold. How about one of porcelain or nickel? Ceramic crowns? Crowns made of plastic? Now you’re less excited. The ancient citizens of Etruria in western Italy first used dental appliances made of gold over 2,500 years ago. Oh, you thought I meant crowns worn on your head? I meant in your head, specifically the mouth. These are dental crowns I’m talking about.
Dental crowns combat tooth decay and restore discolored, chipped, or broken teeth. If you’re curious about crowns, your dentist can examine your mouth via x-ray for decay. If a crown is necessary, one will be sculpted in the shape of your existing tooth from porcelain, gold, or ceramic.

Over the centuries, dentists adapted counterparts to gold for molding crowns on patients’ teeth. Nowadays porcelain is the most popular, as it matches the natural whiteness of beautiful teeth. If you’re seeking a blinged-out grill and don’t plan on visiting the Diamond District of downtown Los Angeles, gold is still on the market and available in crown form. On the other end of the salary spectrum, plastic is an affordable and durable doppelganger. And if you’re an earth-lover, turpentine resin is formed from organic plant matter.

Your dentist will have to file down the chewing part of your teeth in order to make room for your crown. Once fit in your mouth, the crown is cemented permanently, and if cared for properly will last for 5 to 15 years. Over the next decade and a half, maintaining your crowns means caring for them as if they were a natural part of your teeth. You must floss and brush daily and clean them at the dentists on a regular basis. If anything happens to your crowns, like you chip them, one falls out, or you leave one in the attic on your Christmas trip to Paris, contact your downtown Los Angeles dentist immediately. Waiting on repairing a busted crown means inviting decay and more dental problems to your vulnerable, crownless tooth.

Crown ownership means treating them like they’re an extension of your own teeth. Don’t consider yourself the bionic man or woman who can chomp through aluminum cans or firewood. Crowns are valuable commodities for kings, queens, and patients alike. Show yours off and smile at the townspeople. Wave to them! Blow them kisses! You’re beautiful with crowns and you should feel like royalty!