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Bad Breath

Last night I had the best garlic fries imaginable. If you comment below, I’ll tell you where I had them. Unsurprisingly, the smell lingered today. Perhaps I should’ve brushed more. But I did once last night and once this morning. Maybe mouthwash or a shot of vodka would’ve killed my bad breath germs. That’s what my bar tender told me at least. But seriously, bad breath is the last way to get picked up at the bar or anywhere for that matter. As you introduce yourself and stinky breath leaves your lips, it doesn’t matter if you resemble the male cast of Twilight, you might as well call yourself a cab because you’re going home alone.

Bad breath (halitosis) can be avoided if you understand its causes. When you sleep at night, for instance, your mouth is closed and less exposed to oxygen so you’re bound to have “morning breath”. If you eat garlic or onions, you digest foods with natural sulfuric defensives, the odors from which are released as they’re digested and rot in your body. Dairy foods undergo molecular changes that convert the amino acids in milk, cheeses, and yogurt into sulfur compounds. If you’re lactose intolerant, your body will have trouble digesting dairy and break down these foods into a stinky gas that’s released through your breath.

But don’t skip on enjoying the flavors of life. Brush your teeth twice daily and include your tongue, which harbors a majority of bad breath-causing bacteria. Floss twice as well, since decomposing foods can lie dormant between your teeth and emit rotting food smells. Lastly, visit your downtown Los Angeles dentist regularly to avoid dental complications that cause bad breath. If you’re conscious of which foods you eat and still get bad breath, you may have cavities or gum disease that welcome more bacteria and stinky breath into your life.

Your downtown Los Angeles dentist can give you in-person pointers to improve your breath. It’s not always easy to smell your own breath, so it’s important to get a non-judgmental second opinion.