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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Hamid Imankhan is the gold standard for dentistry; as a graduate of University of Southern California School of Dentistry, he knows teeth like his alma mater knows gold medals. (Little known fact: USC is the only university in the world to get a gold medal for every summer Olympiad). If there was a gold medal for dentistry, Dr. Imankhan and his team at LA Smile Dental, would win it for every procedure, including turning the gold metal itself into dental filling for the judges.

Dr. Imankhan and his team in their Woodland Hills and downtown Los Angeles offices are experts that perfect smiles so everyone feels like a winner. Dr. Imankhan is in current good standing with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which means he has additional expertise in the most effective, modern dental practices from dental implants to teeth whitening.

Call LA Smile Dental today and see why everything they touch turns to gold!
*Note: Teeth may not actually turn to gold. Results vary from Oscar-winning smile to Olympic medal-winning smile. Either case is beautiful, which means you’re going home a winner!

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  • Orthodontics and Braces at low monthly payments. 0 down starting at $79. Offering metal and Invisalign, ask your dentist which plan makes you smile the widest without widening your wallet.